An Evaluation of a Chemistry Community Issue Report on Smoking as a Killer or Surprise Drug By Michael Yates

An Examination of a Chemistry Sociable Issue Report on Smoking as a Killer or Think about Drug By Michael Yates


Michael Yates 1997


Killer or Wonder Drug ?

Nicotine, among the most unusual psychoactive medicines known, and the principal pharmacological agent of habit in cigarettes, triggers powerful physical and emotional reactions in species just as varied as cockroaches and humans.

Nicotine has been which can boost concentration, improve recollection and control body weight, and alleviating the symptoms of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease sufferers. On the other hand, research in addition has established that nicotine adversely influences babies in utero and could clarify the link between smoking cigarettes and problems such as for example Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Interest Deficit Disorder.

The expect the potential is that scientists should be able to separate nicotineР’'s positive homes from its undesireable effects, and develop drugs for the treatment of from AlzheimerР’'s disease to weight control .

The chemicalВ's empirical formula, C10Hl4N2 was motivated in the 1840В's, and В“nicotineВ” was synthesized in the 1890В's. SmokingВ's systematic name is 3-(1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinyl) pyridine.


Together with caffeine and strychnine, nicotine belongs to several chemical compounds referred to as pyrrolidine alkaloids. TheyР’'re bitter-tasting, often poisonous chemicals that are created by plants to discourage animals from consuming them. Nicotine is certainly a liquid alkaloid and this can be acquired from the dried leaves of the tobacco plant, mostly found in a combined kind of malate or citrate.


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  • An Evaluation of a Chemistry Community Issue Report on Smoking as a Killer or Surprise Drug By Michael Yates