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Through this assignment, you can expect to search for answers to inquiries regarding Penn College plus the resources accessible to you, the student. The purpose of this task is to get familiar you with the school's site, MyPCT, and the school's internet site, pct. edu. There is a considerable amount of information regarding the school, your program of study, trainees services, college student resources, and student actions, available practically at your fingertips. Guidelines: Please browse these inquiries carefully and follow all of them exactly. Use the PCT Web site (mypct. pct. edu), as well as a search engine, or perhaps classroom spiel to find the answers to the subsequent TEN queries. Your answers must range from the URL for the web web page where you located the information or maybe the date of the class where you heard the info. You must rename and resave this job as " YourName_PCTResources. ” Submit the completed project file to the appropriate drop box with this assignment in PLATO prior to assignment deadline. 1 . Precisely what are Web Portals and what is their purpose in sector? Web websites are specific web designs that bring information jointly for students and employees to find information more rapidly. Source --

2 . What is the key difference among and MyPCT (Portal)? The difference among as well as the MyPCT Portal is that is for the general public while MyPCT Portal is good for the students of Penn University and the students who have a membership while using school. Source -

3. Knowing that the MyPCT Portal is definitely the central location for most data that you will require as a scholar at Penn College, which usually of the quick link keys on the home page are you almost certainly to use on a regular basis? The speedy link switch that Penn College students will most likely use on a regular basis is the outlook web mail quick link to get their emails throughout the...