Cha Chan Tangs Article

Cha Chan Tangs

Cha chaan tengs fuel Hk. These community diners will be where Hong Kongers sate their urge for food for almost anything at virtually any time.

They will operate round-the-clock, serving distinctly indigenous ease and comfort food with no-nonsense support and an atmosphere of bustling industriousness.

Cha chaan teng culture came of age in the 1950s once Hong Kong's increasingly multicultural and westernized middle classes began to increase their palates.

The result is a melange of tastes that fuses the cuisines of the various transitive populations of Hong Kong to a new revoltijo cuisine: unintentional fusion food.

That lacks one definition and there are nearly zero parameters. The menu at a typical cha chaan teng is apparently endless in scope. Written on paper and taped for the walls, they will extend wall-to-wall like a madman's scrawl.

Besides the language buffer that is out there for non-Cantonese speakers, this is certainly all enough to make neophytes shy away.


In the early on Hong Kong, only high-class eating places provided european food and many of them did not serve residents. At that time, people saw traditional western food as being a luxury item. After the Second World War, Hong Kong traditions was affected by British culture. Hk people begun to like consuming tea and eating cakes. Therefore , a few of the Hong Kong people set up the Cha Chaan Teng and the target audience was local people.[2] Featuring different kinds of Canto-Western Cuisine and drinks with very low price led to all of them being regarded as " inexpensive western food" or " Soy sauce western food" (si yau sai chaan, 豉油西餐). Lately, the supervision of Cha Chaan Teng began to change in co-ordination with the development of Hk economy and society. Throughout the 1997 Oriental Financial Crisis, Cha Chaan Teng became much more popular in Hong Kong because they still presented the cheapest foodstuff for the general public.[3] In 04 2007, one of the Hong Kong politics officers advised that Cha Chaan Teng be classified by the UNESCO...