Elements and Atoms Research Guide Composition

Factors and Atoms Study Guide

Science Chpt 14 and doze Study Guide Name _________________ Chpt eleven 1 . Democritus named the atom. The word atom means __________________________ 2 . Define atom and determine if you can or perhaps cannot divide it in to simpler chemicals. –

several. List 3 of the subatomic particles of the atom are and the charges a. b.


Be able to identify those particles on a picture!!!

4. Have the ability to label a diagram of the atom employing information in the Periodic Table 6 _________________________ ______________________ _______________________ _____________________________


Carbon doze. 0

5. The number of protons in one atom of an component determines the atom's _____________, and the range of electrons can determine the ________________ of the element. 6. The atomic amount tells you the number of ____________ in a single atom of the element. Additionally, it tells you the quantity of ____________ within a neutral atom of that component. The atomic number gives the " identity” of an aspect as well as its location for the periodic table. 7. Not any two distinct elements will have the ____________________. What is a valence electron? _____________________________________

8. The _____________ of an element is the average mass of an element's naturally occurring atoms and isotopes. 9. The _____________________ of your element is definitely the total number of protons and neutrons inside the ___________________ from the atom. 15. The mass number is employed to estimate the number of ____________ in one atom of an component. In order to estimate the number of neutrons you must subtract the _________________ from the _____________________. 11. Provide the symbol of and the range of protons, bad particals and neutrons in one atom of: a. Lithium W. Neon C. Potassium ___________________ ______________________ ______________________

11. Determine isotope –

12. How many protons, neutrons, and electrons will be in the isotope Boron six. ___________________________

Manage to draw and identify Bohr Models of atoms.

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13. Precisely what is an...