Five Offrande for Exploring World Music Essay

Five Propositions pertaining to Exploring Globe Music

Music 407

Chapter 1:

What is world music?

A Point of Departure:

Five Propositions to get Exploring Globe Music

1 ) The basic real estate of all music is SOUND

* Sculpt – the duration (length), frequency (pitch), amplitude (loudness), timbre (quality of sound). * All sounds potentially have to be shades

2 . The sounds (and silences) that comprise a musical function organized somehow * Music is a form of organized sound

* Listening: COMPACT DISK 1: 1 (Beethoven's Symphony #9) & CD you: 2 (Japanese gagaku) 3. Sounds will be organized into music simply by people as a result; music is a type of humanly organized audio * Music is a human being phenomenon

* Human creation or sounds found in nature

4. Music is a item of human intention and perception

* HIP: human purpose and understanding

* Music is amigo from the people who make and experience this. 5. The term music is definitely inescapably associated with western traditions and its assumption * Music is a category of humanly prepared sound that takes its primary identity from the musical intentions and perceptions of it is makers and listeners. 5. Many nationalities do not categorize their own " music” because music whatsoever * Eth

Identity in music

2. Music can easily partially response:

* Who am i not?

5. Who are we?

5. Listening:

2. Mongolian vocal singing performance COMPACT DISK 1: five

* Note: nomads, string instrument, other appears created by voice * Central Javanese gamelan orchestra CD one particular: 6

* Be aware: chimes/bells, groups of voices… all boys… by Java music of the tennis courts (King). In this culture the complete community comes together to create a unique music. 5. Amerindian Music – Rabbit Dance song CD 1: 7, COMPACT DISC 1: almost eight

* Note: American/Indians. Plats – made from natural solutions.


5. Society might be define as a group, be it natural or processed of individuals regarded as developing a single community * Reveal a connection through one another through other things Interpersonal institutions in music

* An example of interpersonal institution

* Gamelan Music

5. Large number of musical instruments

* Primarily percussion

* Gongs

* Piles

* Cymbals

* Xylophone – just like bronze metallophones

* Listening Gamelan Music

* Java CD you: 6

2. Note: Slow

* Bali COMPACT DISC 1: on the lookout for

* Take note: Fast, fire/music


2. Culture is defines mainly by a group worldwide shared by their member 2. Rooted in ideas, morals, and techniques that underscore social firm Nations and Nation-states

* Nations-state

* Reveal a nationwide society, lifestyle, and a homeland

5. Nation

2. Share a society, a culture, and a strong perception of country hood nevertheless does not have a politics autonomy in the geographical region they assert * Nationalistic music

2. Irish music

* Protest or amount of resistance – municipal rights actions

Diasporas and other transnational communities

* Diaspora – and intercontinental network of communities connected together simply by identification which has a common ancestral homeland and culture * Cajun – France then simply Canada… at this point here, Louisiana (by choice) * Slave trade – jazz result from this. Every factor of music has been affected by the slave trade. Every interface city where slaves were traded, music was taking place. Started in Africa, then Brazil, next The country, and the Carribbean islands and after that the Port of Orleans. (forced) 5. Listening

* Cuban Rumba COMPACT DISK 3: several

* Note:

5. African appear music CD 2: 26

* Take note:

* Irish music COMPACT DISC 2: twenty

* Note:

Other Areas

2. Transnational communities – intermix of musicians… Example: New York The individual in music

5. Musical syncretism – merging of formerly distinct designs and idioms into new forms of expression * Hearing

5. Tito Puente CD a few: 5

Spirituality and Transcendence in Music

* The idea

* Music can assist in transcendence

* Music can reflect a...