History of Trend Essay

History of Fashion


The Ancient Middle East: 3500-600 B. C.

Males: Aprons donned as a distinct item that cover the crotcch area and therefore are worn over a skirt or any other dress, or over a loincloth and under a skirts. As being made of one or more bits of cloth attached with a belt, sash, or perhaps band that fastens about the waist. 1470 – eleventh century W. C. Womens: Tunic can be any of various kinds garment for the body, generally simple in fashion, reaching in the shoulders to a length somewhere within the hips and the ankles. The earliest tunics seem to have already been made out of sheets and pillowcases and that in a few areas tunics first appeared soon after wool came into use. 2300 – one thousand B. C.

The Etruria and The italian capital: 800 N. C. –A. D. 400

Mens: Paludamentum was generally crimson, scarlet, or violet in color or occasionally white. It absolutely was fastened with the shoulder having a clasp, putting on the paludamentum was a ceremonial act on aiming for battle. C. 800-200 B. C. Modern Impact on: Versace, etc . Womens: Himation was a type of clothing in ancient Portugal. It was generally worn over a chiton, unfortunately he made of heavier drape and played the role of your cloak. The himation ongoing into the Byzantine era, especially as iconographic dress pertaining to Christ and other figures from Biblical occasions, although it appears still to acquire been put on in actual life. C. 800-200 B. C. Modern influences: San Meat, etc .


In turn of the project, I really enjoyed it because I select two style of ancient apparel I love;

Rome and Egypt. The tunic is a basic style of clothing that is very flexible that can be made

worn by males, women and children. I like that whenever Rome offered the robe an extra edge by possibly

added silk and meaning to wearing it in most ways just like for higher class to the poor and giving

women a particular look when they're engaged. The paludamentum was my second beloved because

I love the gladiator war style look that brings to the masculinity of the man. The modern

influence of...