Essay regarding Assignment one particular for CS105

Task 1 pertaining to CS105

п»ї Assignment one particular for CS105 Scenario:

Blue jean, a former pharmacologist, is now the network administrator for the LM Drug-store in the area of Paris, france, Virginia. His duties contain enabling the electronic transfer of information between health care providers (i. e., doctors and hospitals), patients, plus the pharmacy itself. One of Jean's most important duties is to guard health information relative to federal rules and the pharmacy's privacy policy. On July 13, during a family trip on Martinique, a small Carribbean island, Jean's nephew Pierre is shown aggression towards by an exotic warm insect and suffers a severe allergic reaction. From his knowledge like a former pharmacist Jean understands that Calcul is at critical risk, and may die, if he won't obtain a particular medication. We have a pharmacy on st. kitts, but the pharmacologist is reluctant and lawfully unable to give the medication without a prescription by a licensed doctor. After planning to reach a doctor, Jean understands that September 14 is a crucial French holiday break known as Fort Day and this no doctor is reachable within the required time. Blue jean, frantic with worry, chooses to take issues into his own hands. He visits a local internet cafГ© and uses his network IDENTIFICATION and knowledge of the LM Pharmacy's home security alarm to " impersonate" a health care provider and prescribe the necessary medicine. The island pharmacologist accepts the prescription and provides the medication. Pierre survives. 1 . Kantianism:

Basic principles: Kantianism think that we need to use the ethical laws to restrain individual ‘s behavior, and every meaningful laws itself should based upon reason. Kantianism have a series of system information to prove whether a very important factor is correct or not. He think that good will is always good even if it trigger harm at some point. We should not really focus on whatever we want to do, but what we should do. There are two most important formaulation of Kantianism. First, one particular action is moral only when we build a moral secret according to this action, and make everyone follow this rule, (make it become a universal law)it will not make a logical contradiction. Second, people should be the end of a moral action, we need to never use people as a mean towards the end (achieve some propose). Analysis the Scenario:

In line with the second mixture of Kantianism. By causing the pharmaceutical himself and giving it the pharmacist to have the medicine, Jean treated the pharmacist on the island as a mean to the end –saving his nephew. It really is wrong for Jean to cheat the pharmacist, and treat him as a medicine-produce machine instead of turing into a licensed doctor for support and get the prescription. If we use the 1st formula, all of us make his action usually: ”We can forge a prescription simply by ourselves which can be against our skilled personnel responsiblity to cheat the pharmacy and get medincine in order to save some persons'lives”, in the event everyone adhere to this rule the pharmaceutical become useless. everyone can obtain any remedies they want without having the grant of doctor, then the chemist will not trust the pharmaceutical anymore, and in addition if anybody can disobey their specialist responsiblity to intrude the safety system, the profession turn into meanless, and folks will not trust professional people like pharmacists, so they do not go to phaemacy to get medicine, so that it lead to a contradiction. So it will be not a ethical action. Realization: The Kantianism is against Jean ‘s action.

2 . Act Utilitarianism

Basic principles: One action can be moral if perhaps its net effect (all the effect it will cause)will generate more delight than disappointment of the influenced beings( each of the beings that was have an effect on by this action), in other phrase, it can improve the total delight of society(it has nothind to do with the willing as well as the attitude of the person, although only concentrate on the consequence of an action). prior to we assess the morality of the action, we should choose a device to gauge the happiness, and evaluate all the beings that affected by...