Key Lingo Essay

Key Lingo

Unit 2 – Equal rights, Diversity and Rights in Health and Interpersonal Care

Important Terminology

Conor Wallace


Stereotyping describes the belief that everybody from specific circumstances are identical. " A stereotype can be described as simplified mental picture of the individual or perhaps group of people who share some characteristic (or stereotypical) qualities. The term is often used in a negative sense, and stereotypes are seen by many because undesirable beliefs” Source Web Page: Stereotyping can also be referred to as generalizations that are made about a group; by doing this we are attributing a specific set of attributes to the group. An example of stereotyping would be to admit some ethnicities are unfavorable. Another sort of stereotyping is always to say that all overweight people are lazy, once in fact they might have an disease that affects them via doing any kind of exercise. Stereotyping can occur everywhere for example in the GP, If the young person attended their DOCTOR with hard working liver problems, their very own GP may just assume that the young person has been drinking alcohol and has brought the condition on themselves.


There are numerous types of abuse, it can appear in the proper execution of physical, sexual, mental, verbal or perhaps neglect. It can also be a combination of all these things. 1 . Physical abuse is usually the most easily acknowledged form of abuse. Physical mistreatment can be any kind of form of reaching, nipping, choking or conquering or any more that can cause physical injury, keep marks or perhaps cause pain. 2 . Sexual maltreatment. This is any kind of sexual contact between a grown-up and anyone younger than 18, it is also between a significantly old child and a youthful child this means you will be when a person overpowers another person no matter what age. It can also happen between loved ones, this is also generally known as incest. a few. Emotional misuse is the most difficult to identify because there are usually no signs on the outside of this sort of abuse. This kind of abuse occurs happens when shouting and anger goes beyond the boundary. It can also happen when critique from someone's peers' or parents becomes constant or perhaps when a person is being threatened. If mental abuse will go too far it can lead to mental health issues just like depression. In some cases it could as well cause a person to attempt committing suicide. 4. Forget occurs when a person doesn't always have enough foodstuff or sufficient clothing, housing medical care or supervision. Overlook can also take those form of emotional neglect, this is when a person isn't given enough psychological support or a person purposely and constantly ignores a person. Maltreatment can take put in place care house, hospitals including home. Such as in a care home an elderly person may get bodily abused simply by members of staff since they are not fit to accomplish certain items, the employee may become upset and behave with violence

Overt Discrimination

This is a kind of discrimination that takes place in the available where anyone can experience it. This could take place in a variety of settings for example , Some countries not permitting Gay or perhaps Bi-sexual persons join all their armies or any countries persecuting LGB persons because of their lovemaking orientation. Overt discrimination can be defined as " A clear way of forbidding a particular sort of person by performing a task or work. Although overt discrimination was certainly utilized in the past, few business employees in the modern time are able to practice overt discrimination in their employing practices that would disadvantage people of a particular race, grow older, gender or perhaps sexual positioning. ” Origin:


Prejudice is usually when an individual makes a judgement about somebody without knowing both the person and also the facts about anybody. To prejudge someone literally means to assess a person before appointment them or perhaps knowing all of them. Normally every time a...

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