Vampirism and Sexuality, the story Dracula, by Bram Stoker Essay

Vampirism and Sexuality, the story Dracula, by simply Bram Stoker

The role with the women in the story Dracula, by Bram Stoker, is viewed as one that defines the position of women in society during the nineteenth 100 years. During this time in Victorian Great britain, women placed a role that required those to behave within a certain approach. The norm with this time requires her to be the ideal image of purity and modesty. Ladies of this period had to live as an virgin partner figure of purity, and if unable to fulfill this function, she would be viewed as a hottie. However , the effect that the rely Dracula has on the women following his targeting spree, brings about vampirism. This kind of vampiric part changes persons into sexual predators who have are out to bring others into their irony for Dracula. There are many parallels between vampirism and sexuality that can be seen throughout the novel. These can be observed through the change in a woman's sexuality following transforming right into a vampire plus the role of desire, and through the intimate implications of blood transfusions given to Lucy and the stake driving done to free her from her vampire state.

The two key women in the novel are compared to each other to emphasize the role from the ideal Victorian England girl. The woman inside the novel who is seen as the epitome of this perfect part is Ganga. She is an educated professional who may be seen as an ideal wife and ideal motherly figure in front of large audiences. In her journal the girl writes, " I have been working very hard to match Jonathan's research, and I had been practicing shorthand very assiduously. When we are wedded I will probably be useful to Jonathan. " This kind of shows that Sl?ktens is such a good wife with her husband and will do anything to aid him. The girl with the nice nurturing mother figure that every the men reward and desire. On the contrary nevertheless , Lucy turns into the opposite in the ideal Even victorian England girl. Dracula's achievement in overtaking Lucy towards the dark side makes her a sexualized and corrupt girl. Instead of talking about being faithful to her fiancГ© Arthur, and being of help to him, she is wanting to know...