What inspires people to transform? Essay

What motivates individuals to change?

Actually, (from old times to contemporary society从古代到现代) numerous information and cases demonstrate that. Internal and external factors such us aspiration 渴望(desire ) for happiness, prosperity, fame (reputation) and seeking fulfillment of belief, desire and trust. Main body1:

Undoubtedly 毫无疑问,ambition 理想 野心, belief, 信念 faith信念,are exactly like beacon灯塔to guidebook us to alter ourselves as well the world. A fantastic case in point can be Nelson Mandela who was born in South Africa where interpersonal segregation exceptionally /extremely/overwhelmingly dominate and local residents who are mainly black individuals were deprived (夺走)basic rights which includes, education, and medical care. confronted by this situation, to He was determined to devote change (reverse)it himself to get rid of (eradicate )racial discrimination (prejudice /segregation) in South Africa, though he had paid a heavy cost which in permit him being imprisoned to get 27years. Within this miserable (wretched ) life experience, this individual never threw in the towel until having been released in 1990. He started to be the country's first democratically elected leader in year 1994, serving till 1999. He was also compensated with Commendable peace prize in 93. Finally the racial segregation was removed and local people may equally take advantage of the same rights with white-colored people. Primary body a couple of:

In fact , ambition, perception, faith, are double-edged blade, they can get people to successful, but they also make people total down for moment. The strongest circumstance to show that is Lance Armstrong who had been named the victor of the Head to de Portugal a record seven consecutive moments between 99 and 2005 before getting disqualified by those events. Because of he used stimulating he dropped all the honorand from leading man become a loser. Although having been tried his best to ride bicycle, his effort turn into froth. he had courage to overcome the testicles, he, but , would not have valor to face competitions. Admittedly, Internal and external factors such us aspiration for delight, wealth, fame and seeking...