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Lesson Topic:

Pay - Different types of shell out / who have gets what type of pay.

Training course / curriculum covered

AQA Preparation intended for Working Your life.

Section 9. 6 Economic and Financial Aspects of Life

Your teaching/ learning emphasis for this lessons:

Lesson Target: To bring in learners for the different types of payment for operate so they can understand the way businesses operate.

Students' Learning Objectives will probably be:

1) Every will

2) Many will

3) Several will

Students' Final results will be:

(What will the learners have done to exhibit you that the objective have been achieved) 1 )

Understand that there are different types of spend

1 .

Accepted some shell out terms

2 .

Determine what type of shell out is used the moment

2 .

Completed a matching exercise


Know the advantages and disadvantages of payment types

three or more.

Answered inquiries about types of pay

Media / Difference Strategies:

Those with greater know-how can support those less ready during the question and solution and group work Support teacher (if available) can perform with many needy within a group or perhaps 1: one particular during physical exercises. More advanced learners can be given additional physical exercises if they will complete the individual or group work quickly. Word search and worksheets can be done individually or in groups in order to meet needs Group divisions can be chosen possibly to mix or separate skills

Attainment/Assessment Objectives:

Levels/ sub levels or levels being targeted:

The subject works on learners pertaining to the study course examination simply by covering required topics. The exercises and end plenary enable the teacher to assess whether virtually any learning has taken place. Content protected is relevant to both amounts 1 and 2

Other Target points to consider:

Literacy and Numeracy: Word recognition in phrase search physical exercise. Learners go through and complete worksheet. Calculations of minimum income. Cross Curricular links: Economics. Employability. Spend scenarios use health and interpersonal care and construction examples.

Solutions needed:

Supplies to use with students inside the session

Additional exercises

Various other resources

Use of ICT in the lessons

1 . Copies of ‘word search pay words' for every student – there are easier editions with the terms to be found within a slightly bigger font in the event needed (word search spend words easier) There is also a remedy sheet (word search spend words answers) 2 . ‘Types of pay out without benefits and cons' either about whiteboard or copies for every student based on how utilized 3. ‘Types of pay out exercise' worksheet for every college student

4. ‘Types of shell out explanation' could be given to each student being a handout

1 . Utilize the National lowest wage worksheet

‘Types of pay without positives and cons' and' Types of pay explanation' can be put on the White board

Structure of lesson:

Stages in lesson


Teacher activity

Student activity



5 mins

5 a few minutes

Reminder of subject and recap of prior session

Explanation of word search exercise – giving out with each student Tuning in and addressing questions

Completion of phrase search – finding several hidden terms.

Primary part of lesson:

10 minutes

15 mins

twelve mins

Checking word search results and explaining each one of the words discovered. Words and definitions can be put on white board (hiding positive aspects and disadvantages)

In fact words released asking the learners to state one advantage and a single disadvantage for every single of the types of shell out – either from the worker or the business's point of view.

Setting up learners either in groups as well as to work on individual and justification of worksheet Listening /responding to inquiries

Responding to inquiries and making suggestions about disadvantages and advantages

Completing worksheet matching types of pay to function scenario


5- 10 a few minutes

Checking out understanding of types of shell out and when each used – question and answer

Give the types of pay out explanation...